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  About Us

  Meng Chong Foodstuffs Group specializes in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of premium quality preserved fruit snacks since 1973.

Our business headquarter is in Singapore, manufacturing base in China and a subsidiary in Hong Kong.

Under our primary brand "Golden Eagle Preserved Fruits", we have created a wide range of delicious preserved fruit snacks specially processed from natural seasonal fruits from many parts of China.

Our preserved fruit snacks consists of prune, plum, peach, mango, pear, ginger, olive, kumquat, radish, orange, lime and many others.
  We are committed to producing top quality preserved fruits for our customers. Every year, our purchasing department travels all over China to inspect the seasonal harvest and procures the best fruits for our manufacturing use.

The raw fruits are processed in our satelite plants near the source of harvest and shipped to our main manufacturing based in Shantou, China, for the final processing.

In our Shantou manufacturing base, we process the fruits into a wide variety of preserved fruit snacks and packages of various sizes for shipment to our clients all over the world. We also offer private labelling and packaging for our clients.

As our business grows, we have also invest in ERP and MRP solutions to improve the mangagement of the manufacturing process and improve our services to our customers.